What they say about Chuck Castle

“I found Chuck to be accommodating and flexible with a positive attitude and diligence, that created a constructive work relationship. The level of refinement of the finished project we built together, is equal to any my firm has done, thus far. His attention to detail and immense effort were instrumental in bringing my design into the tangible world.”
Jim Cutler, Cutler-Anderson Architects
7500 SF New Residence
Bodega, CA

“Chuck’s ability to work with all levels of the project team, from carpenters to interior designers to client was invaluable as we navigated the complexities of a 10,000 sf high-end renovation in San Francisco. As the architect, I appreciated Chuck’s high standard of craftsmanship and was confident that no detail or opportunity would be overlooked. I also found myself relying on Chuck’s vast knowledge and experience to help resolve complex details we came across during the course of construction. Perhaps, just as important as his technical skills, Chuck was a joy to work with. I hope to have the opportunity in the future, to work with him again.”
Michael of Richard Beard Architects
10000 SF Estate Renovation
Pacific Heights, San Francisco


“As the site superintendent, Chuck directed a complex bottom to top renovation of a 10,000 sf 4 story renovation in Pacific Heights, for which we were the interior designers. He has a productive work style and can-do attitude that spread to the subcontractors and all team players. Chuck kept the clients goals first and foremost. He looked to us, the architect and other team members as partners, rather than adversaries. His goal, was to make everyone look good and to get the project done correctly, on time and to the clients satisfaction. He effectively scheduled all subcontractors, including our interior finishers, to get the house finished by the clients deadline. He has a confident work style, is detail oriented and facile in the sense of thinking creatively to find solutions to the tricky problems that come up during the renovation of a large old wood house.”
Jeffry Weisman
Co-Founder and Partner
Fisher Weisman Brugioni

“Chuck has a terrific disposition and an amazing ability to juggle literally hundreds of things at once. He constantly amazed us with his expertise in every field and seamlessly executed and understood both big picture items and minutiae. He has a tremendous amount of integrity and accountability on the job.”
Hollywood Producer
17000 SF Estate Renovation
Pacific Heights, San Francisco

“Chuck was the site superintendent on a 10,000 sf renovation in San Francisco and was critical in coordinating and keeping the project on an aggressive schedule. He was set with an almost impossible task to make this project happen quickly, while meeting all the clients expectations. He was acutely aware of all the project drawings and always thinking forward two steps ahead of everyone else. His subs and crew respected and trusted him. He kept an impeccably clean and orderly jobsite. He has a wealth of construction knowledge and experience, as well as a level of high standards. Chuck was critical in what could have been a nightmare renovation turn into a success. I learned a lot from Chuck. I believe you could not do better than Chuck Castle.”
Rebecca Lischwe, AIA
Richard Beard Architects
Project Architect

“As an OR with over 30 years experience in the construction industry, I can confidently say that Chuck has a rare combination of skills and attitude that sets him in the highest echelon of builders. Because of his organizational aptitude, I believe that he can provide efficient, superior results on any type of residential project. He is as demanding as he is fair, relying on his excellent communications skills to organize the work and see to it, that the work is done right by his own forces and the necessary vendors.”
Dave Ross, Kutner-Ross Associates, Inc.
7500 SF New Residence
Bodega, CA

“Chuck dealt very well with all other teams on the project, including architects, structural engineers, sub-contractors, interior designer, AV engineer, lighting designer and landscape designer, to bring everyone together and keep the project moving.”
Jeremy Hux
4000 SF Renovation to Residence
Marina District, San Francisco

“Chuck inherited a difficult situation and was able to pull together a well functioning team, able to overcome significant time delays and deficiencies. He completed the project to the highest quality and to the complete satisfaction of the owner.”
Loel Fenwick
7500 SF New Residence
Bodega, CA


“Chucks high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which can only come with experience, were evident at every phase of construction.”
Dom Vokic, Architect SF